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Welcome to the Assembly Payments developer portal. Here you’ll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Assembly as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let’s get started!

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Our latest API specs (both in YAML and JSON) can be found here:

Assembly APIs: Specifications
Async Assembly APIs: Asynchronous Specifications

The YAML file is formatted to allow auto generating SDKs using The Open API Generator which supports a wide range of coding languages such as C# (Framework and Core), Ruby, Go, Java, Android, iOS and many more with many different settings. For the full list please refer to: Open API Generator List

The following command gives an example of how to generate the C# .NET Core SDK

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}:/local" openapitools/openapi-generator-cli generate \
    -i \
    -g csharp-netcore \
    -o /local/out/assembly/csharp-netcore
docker run --rm -v "${PWD}:/local" openapitools/openapi-generator-cli generate \
    -i\?resolved\=true \
    -g ruby \
    -o /local/out/assembly/sdk-ruby
docker run --rm -v "${PWD}:/local" openapitools/openapi-generator-cli generate \
    -i\?resolved\=true \
    -g go \
    -o /local/out/assembly/sdk-go

Our previous SDKs are still hosted here however these will be deprecated in the near future as they are outdated. You can still use them as a base if you prefer:

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